NUBU-Konferansen 2019

Keynote: Parent-Based Treatment for Childhood Anxiety Disorders: The SPACE Program – Eli Lebowitz, professor Yale University.

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mandag den 6. januar 2020

Anxiety disorders are exceedingly prevalent in children and adolescents. Anxious children rely heavily on their parents for help in coping with anxiety and parents frequently become entangled in their children’s symptoms through the process of family accommodation. 

This talk will review cutting-edge research on neurobiological systems that drive these patterns of interactions between parents and anxious children, including the oxytocinergic system and brain circuitry. 

The talk will introduce SPACE, a novel and efficacious parent-based treatment for childhood anxiety disorders focused on reducing accommodation and increasing supportive responses to childhood anxiety symptoms. The talk will briefly review the principles and components of the SPACE treatment using clinical vignettes to illustrate the therapeutic process and will present data from clinical trials of SPACE demonstrating its efficacy.